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TECHKON products have a warranty of 24 months. If you are using the measurement devices in ISO 9000-certified areas, we recommend to send them to our service center for examination every 18-24 months. We will provide you then with a new quality certificate.

The TECHKON repair service works quickly and reliably. If you send us a device for repair, please make sure that the device is shipped along with the complete set of accessories (e.g. calibration chart and charging console). Please include a short description of the malfunction. We will inform you as quickly as possible about the estimated repair cost. Often it is a good idea to contact us before sending the device. In some cases, the device may only need calibration adjustments which you can do yourself.

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It is in all our interest that you have a detailed knowledge of our measurement instruments ant their applications. We offer training courses about colorimetry and quality assurance.

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Download area

Download area

Brochure and technical specifications (PDF)
Manual (PDF)
Color reference SpectroCheck (PDF)
TECHKON SpectroDens Firmware 8.08/11.19/19.01 (4 MB)
    (Requires SpectroConnect 2.7.0 or higher)

Brochure and technical specifications (PDF)
Manual( PDF)
TECHKON SpectroPlate Firmware 5.17/6.27 (956KB)
    (Requires SpectroConnect 2.8 or higher)

Brochure TECHKON Software (4,7MB)
TECHKON SpectroConnect (139MB)
TECHKON ExPresso (138MB)
TECHKON ExPresso (537MB)
    (Upgrade from version 3 to 4 subject to charge)
TECHKON ExPresso (272MB)
    (Upgrade from version 3 or 4 to 5 subject to charge)
DensConnect (78MB)

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