TECHKON will present its complete product portfolio for the printing and packaging industry at the Fogra Colormanagement Symposium in Munich from July 6. - 7. In addition to the Chroma QA and SpectroConnect software solutions for quality assurance, you will find the latest measurement technology, in particular the Spectro-Densitometer SpectroDens with many new functions. We look forward to your visit and a lively exchange on the subject of color and quality.

With the three new modules, “PSD” for digital printing, “Quick Check” for in-house standards and “Compare Standards” for the various international standards, all quality control requirements can be met quickly and easily.

A close cooperation with worldwide G7™ experts has led to the improved functionality for fastest measurements and analyses. Now implemented in SpectroDens, the G7™ evaluation is completed with a scan of just three seconds.

TECHKON will present its complete product portfolio for the printing and packaging industry at the Labelexpo Europe 2019 in Brussels from 24. - 27. September. The focus is on software for quality control and ink formulation. Beyond that, do not miss the chance to see our InterTech Technology Award winning Spectro-Densitometer SpectroDens. We look forward to your visit at booth 9A27.

The measurement of the right exposure of offset printing plates is a key segment of comprehensive process control. Thanks to the latest high-performance components of the precise optical system, a high resolution and quality image sensor as well as its sophisticated graphic calculations, the new SpectroPlate manages the exact evaluation of every screen technology and all kind of plate types within a second. 

For detailed information please visit the product page.

The InterTech Technology Award of the Printing Industries of America is known as the Oscar Award for the printing industry. We are proud, that the TECHKON SpectroDens has been awarded. This is just one proof of our mission to offer products that are changing the status quo and make it easy for printers to measure, manage, and communicate perfect color.