TECHKON ColorCatcher

Color capturing with the smartphone

TECHKON ColorCatcher is a simple and fast way to capture, specify and match a color with a smartphone.

TECHKON, as a premium supplier of color measurement systems and software solutions, offers a powerful color specifying solution that is fun and easy-to-use.

Simple, powerful and versatile
ColorCatcher consists of two parts:
The customized ColorCatcher smartphone app and a ColorChart tailored to the application.

How it works:

Digital cameras, in particular those integrated into smartphones, are usually not color-confident. This means captured colors will be different depending on the lighting conditions, the distance to the captured object and the camera‘s settings.

Now, with TECHKON’s IP-protected ColorCatcher technology, it is possible to generate color-confident color data on mobile devices. The Color Transformation Engine embedded in the ColorCatcher App, in combination with the ColorChart, which contains absolute color data, delivers accurate color information.


Applications and customer specific solutions

ColorCatcher can be used anywhere exact color information is required and the use of a spectrophotometer would be too complicated.The following examples give an indication of the wide opportunities for ColorCatcher.

According to your request we can offer the core module for accurate color capturing to be integrated into existing apps or we can develop an entire customer specific application.
This can include the design and implementation of the graphic user interface and the integration to databases.  We offer this technology for the current mobile device platforms such as Apple iOS, Android and Windows.
We can customize the size and layout of the ColorChart as well so it can be embedded into a company‘s corporate identity on any kind of printed product. Additionally we offer marketing services for developing business models around the ColorCatcher technology.


Paint and Varnish, Construction, Interior Design, Architecture

You know the situation, how unsatisfying it can be to specify the right color. Printed color swatches have their limitations. They have color variations due to the print process and aging of the inks and paper used. The use of color books or color swatches can also lead to inaccurate color matches, because of the small color sample size and the variations by ambient lighting conditions and different observer’s perception.

Paint manufacturers can use the ColorCatcher technology to integrate it in their existing point-of-sales systems or build new business models around it. Designers can use the App to communicate absolute color information

Corporate Colors

A company's expertise and success is reflected in its brand appearance. For a strong brand recognition the right reproduction of the defined brand colors is essential. We offer with this special version of ColorCatcher a smartphone-based digital corporate color guide, which can be used at any place at every time.

This significant color management solution is an essential tool for in-house color communication and for the color coordination with suppliers and service partners. Additional features of the app can be the display of paint codes, product specifications, a color harmony finder and a color acceptance tool. Updates with new corporate colors are easy and safe to execute. This way it is assured, that every user has the right and latest color specifications.


ColorCatcher for decorative cosmetics

CATCH YOUR SKIN TONE captures the skin color and matches it to cosmetic products.

We deliver a tailormade solution with a brand-specific layout. The customized ColorChart is a powerful selling tool which arouses curiosity and provides an easy entry to the app for customers.

Harmonic and pleasing colors are important in the cosmetic and apparel industries.

What nail polish suits to a red handbag? What is the basic hair color? Even those questions can be answered easily with ColorCatcher.


Water analysis with TECHKON AquaCatcher

Water samples are usually analyzed by using paper or plastic strips with chemicals reagents applied which change the color depending on the contamination of the water. These test-strips are then visually compared to color references printed on the test-strip packages. The reliability of this method is limited by external factors such as ambient light, color perception of the user and printing quality and aging of the package. TECHKON AquaCatcher makes this process safe and reliable.

It consists of two components: The AquaCatcher smartphone-App and the credit card-sized ColorChart. The user dips the test-strip into the water sample and then places it on the ColorChart. After launching the app he captures the ColorChart and the test-strip on top with the smartphone camera.The rest is done automatically with TECHKONs IP-secured ColorCatcher technology. The result screen displays clearly the water quality parameters. The data can be used for trend reports or for sending the data to a laboratory. AquaCatcher hast two main advantages: higher analysis precision compared to the visual method and the digital availability of the measurement result.


Gas analysis with TECHKON GasCatcher

A wide range of gas concentrations is detected with glass tube tests. A defined air/gas volume flows through a glass tube containing a chemical reagent which changes its color.

Depending on the application it is possible to detect more than 500 gas mixtures. The visual evaluation bears the risk of inaccuracies, because it is based on the subjective color perception of the human eye. TECHKONs ColorCatcher technology makes this process safer and more comprehensive.

The solution consists of two components: The GasCatcher smartphone-App and the ColorChart with an integrated viewfinder. The user places the glass tube on the predefined position on the ColorChart. After launching the app he captures the ColorChart including the detection area with the smartphone camera. The detected chemical change of color inside the tube is referenced to the color codes of the analysis parameters. These ascertained digital values can be connected to further web-based services.

TECHKON customizes this application to the different tube tests and its specific requirements.

Medical & Healthcare

The same technical method used in water analysis applies to medical diagnostic applications of blood, urine or saliva samples. Again, a great advantage is process safety and in the accuracy of the digital results compared to visual methods.

A key point for ColorCatcher in this domain is that the measurement result is assigned clearly to the measurement sample by its digital fingerprint which can be used for remote medical diagnosis in accordance with safety requirements in the medical industry.