Chroma QA

Intuitive Cloud based Color QC Software

Implementing color quality management allows you to find color problems earlier and save money. ChromaQA converts color measurements into clear, precise, and actionable feedback for press operators and ink technicians.

With ChromaQA, operators are not required to be highly skilled users of spectrophotometers or computers. Instead, the software has been designed for simplicity and quickly guides your operators to the optimum color match by removing the guesswork. As a result, ChromaQA can slash your pressroom make-ready times, ensure consistency throughout each press run, and recognizes ink problems before the ink comes to the press. Tailored to typical use cases, the software is available in three versions.

ChromaQA SUITE - Easier Process & Spot Color Make-Readies

ChromaQA SUITE is an enterprise color quality solution tailored for packaging printers who wish to improve the color accuracy of their ink supply chain, shorten pressroom make-readies and ensures color consistency across each press run.

ChromaQA SUITE is designed for spot colors, 4C process work, ECG jobs, and tracking G7 and ISO 12647 compliance. In addition, job reporting, data query, and customized score cards provide visibility for external brand customers, internal quality managers, and continuous process improvements.

ChromaQA Ink - Global Ink Management

ChromaQA INK is a cloud based software solution designed for packaging and commercial printers, of any size in need of a more efficient way to store, manage, and share color standards throughout their organization.

ChromaQA INK will save time and money by quickly locating colors for jobs and identifying when new colors and drawdowns must be created for customers. In addition, the solution allows ink technicians to perform quality control tests on new batches of ink to ensure all colors are within specification before they reach the pressroom.

ChromaQA Lite - Simplified Spot Color Matching

ChromaQA LITE is designed for small and mid-sized packaging printers who are looking for a more affordable solution that is easy to deploy in the pressroom. It provides a focused feature set that enables press operators to get up to color faster and stay on color throughout the press run.

Designed for ease of use, ChromaQA LITE removes the color matching guesswork, cutting make-ready times, and ultimately increasing profitability. ChromaQA LITE provides press operators color matching feedback easy to understand, actionable and with clear pass/fail indications.