Color measurement easy-to-use & elegant

SpectroBase is an accurate and compact spectrophotometer for color measurements. The modular approach allows the design of particular measurement geometries used for different applications: Liquids, pastes, granulates, powders and solid surfaces. For each of these materials we offer a specific color measurement solution.

This feature makes SpectroBase the ideal measurement platform for many industries and applications: food industry (e. g. determining the roast degree of coffee), chemical industry (e. g. color concentration of liquid solutions) or quality & process control of raw materials (e. g. whiteness of chalk). We tailor SpectroBase according to your request, so you will receive a customized solution right for your task, making your process safer and more efficient. We customize SpectroBase and mass-produce it according to your specifications.


The highlights at a glance

  • Modular design; SpectroBase can be individually designed to meet exact specifications
  • Color display can be configured to display customized information
  • Easy to operate
  • Measurement results in less than one second
  • Precise, spectral measurement technology
  • Displays several color standards
  • Data transfer via USB or WLAN
  • Solid aluminum casing
  • Can also be used without a mains connection (includes rechargeable battery)
Supported by:

SpectroBase Liquid

Color measurement of liquids

Water, juices, soft drinks, beer, wine, liquors, tee, coffee, oil. These are the typical samples for SpectroBase Liquid. This compact and easy-to-use transmission spectrometer is a real all-rounder. The measurement takes only one second and the color value is shown on the color display.

The standard product works with rectangular cuvettes; specific sample holders are available upon request.


SpectroBase Solid

Color measurement of solid substances

This reflection spectrophotometer handles precisely all solid samples, from pastes, powders, granulates to any colored surfaces. Typical applications are the color measurement of grains, nuts, cereals, spices, sauces, fruits, cheese and baked goods in the food industry. Other applications are the measurement of chemicals or cosmetic substances.

The standard version is for measuring the samples in a petri dish. Specific sample holders are available upon request.


SpectroBase Coffee

Determining the roast degree of coffee

Coffee beans change their color during the roasting from a green shade towards light brown to a final dark brown. The right time to stop the roasting process determines the flavor and quality of the finished good.

SpectroBase Coffee was designed especially for precise color measurement of coffee beans and ground coffee. The person in charge takes a sample during the roasting process and places it in the sample holder. Within seconds SpectroBase Coffee delivers a significant measurement result for the roasting degree and quality.

The robust, compact and easy to use measurement device is ideally suited to be placed close to the roasting machine. It is an indispensable tool to be used during the time critical roasting process.


The Advantages at a glance:

  • precise, spectral measurement
  • Measuring time less than one second
  • Various measurement modes: support of different standards and color indices
  • Quality control directly at the roasting machine or any other place
  • Measurement data can be transferred to a PC
  • Works as well for measuring ground coffee and granulates