TECHKON SpectroNeo – Precise color measurement On-The-Go

The compact spectrophotometer SpectroNeo revolutionizes mobile color measurement. Just position it on the sample and press the measurement button. The measured color values are transferred instantly to a smartphone display or via cloud-computing to every location, where quality data is evaluated. We design your specific solution including your personalized smartphone app, in order to give you a perfect color quality system working at any time and any place.

TECHKON ChromaQA – Report your success

ChromaQA is a comprehensive color quality software solution that provides packaging and commercial printers with a powerful set of tools. ChromaQA utilizes a client/server architecture and allows printers with a single press, multiple presses, and even multiple print facilities, to remotely create, manage and monitor customer jobs in real time or at the completion of a press run.

TECHKON SpectroDens with Spot Colour Tone Value (SCTV) function

TECHKON SpectroDens includes the newest trend in print & packaging quality control. The Spot Colour Tone Value (SCTV) function, which is defined in ISO 20654:2017, makes the quality inspection for spot colors precise, easy and reliable. The Spot Colour Tone Value (SCTV) function provides two sections: SCTV for single tone value measurements and the SCTV print curve. The new function can be integrated into the instrument with the latest firmware update, available at

Labelexpo Europe 2017, Brussels, 25. - 28.9.2017

TECHKON will present its complete product portfolio for the printing & packaging industry at Labelexpo Europe 2017 in Brussels from 25. - 28. September. Do not miss to have a look at the new generation of the TECHKON SpectroDens, one of the most innovative and fastest Spectro-Densitometers worldwide, with the new function to measure Spot Colour Tone Values (SCTV). We look forward to your visit at booth 4E63.

The 4 C’s: Color Consulting & Color Concepts

The TECHKON InnovationLab develops new technologies for the digital capture and communication of colors. One example is a groundbreaking color harmony concept for the cosmetics industry. We will be happy to contribute with our color and imaging expertise for your application.

Hot Pick Award for new TECHKON Spectro products in Melbourne/Australia

David Crowther’s Colour Graphic Services enjoyed its best PacPrint exhibition in Melbourne/Australia ever thanks to its focus on color management and quality control solutions from TECHKON. And on top the new TECHKON SpectroDens and SpectroDrive devices received the renown “Best of Show” Hot Pick Award.

SpectroDrive – New Generation

The new SpectroDrive generation provides many new features to make automatic quality control on the printing press even easier and more reliable. A particularly practical feature is the positioning of the print control strip by laser. Just press the laser button, align the printing sheet with the red laser beam, and you’re done! 

Transmission measurement with the DENS (Measurement mode T)

The letter T displayed by DENS stands for the transmission mode and means measurement in transmission. This enables you, for example, to measure the light transparency of tinted films. Here is a tip: If there is no light table at hand, simply perform the measurement on a white surface of a computer tablet. 

Color Data Visualization

TECHKON is well-known as a leading manufacturer of color measurement technology. Did you also know that we are developing customer-specific software for communicating and displaying color information? We are looking forward to your request concerning this exciting field of activity. 

The new era in color measurement

With the New Generation-Series we continue the success story of the SpectroDens- and SpectroDrive measurement devices in the long term. The dictum during product development was: Pursue proven concepts and integrate new meaningful technologies. The result sets a new standard which we are proud of.

You will find detailed information about the devices on the product pages SpectroDens and SpectroDrive.

TECHKON ColorCatcher
& Google Glass

As a Google Explorer Technology Partner, TECHKON has implemented the ColorCatcher technology on the Google Glass Platform. This is color capturing for the new millennium: 1. Put on Google Glass and start "ColorCatcher for Glass". 2. Point with the glasses at the reference chart and the color you want to capture. 3. The color value will be shown in the Glass display.


The CATCH YOUR SKIN TONE App is based on TECHKON's ColorCatcher technology. It delivers recommendations for cosmetic productsHandling is easy: The user takes an image of the skin tone using the reference chart and the app will display the matching foundation product or harmonizing additional product, e.g. lipstick or eyeshadow. This solution is a powerful merchandizing tool for cosmetic brands to build the digital bridge to millions of smartphone users.

Color solutions for the cosmetic industry

Color Communication is a key element for cosmetic companies. TECHKON offers innovative solutions for color capturing, color management and color display during product development, manufacturing and marketing.

Water testing with the smartphone

Based on TECHKONs AquaCatcher technology the JBL PROSCAN app allows to analyze quickly and precisely water values. Additionally the app shows recommendations to enhance the water quality. The product was awarded by the retail association as the most innovative product of 2015 and has gained very positive market response.

Outstanding award:
if Design prize

TECHKON design is attractive: TECHKON ColorCatcher was awarded by the German Design Council with the "German Design Award 2015" and it landed on the short list of the "Show Your App Award 2015".
The color-densitometer DENS was awarded by the international jury of the if design council with the renown if design award.

ColorCatcher customized for your business

Reach out to your customers with the ColorCatcher app, optimized for your application. The color chart is an attractive and powerful merchandising tool which can be handed out to millions of customers. We will be happy to inform you about the opportunities by using the ColorCatcher technology.

The SpectroBase series for laboratory and production

SpectroBase is an accurate and compact spectrophotometer for color measurements. The modular approach allows the design of different measurement geometries used for different applications: Liquids, pastes, powders, solid surfaces... For each of these materials we offer with SpectroBase a specific color measurement solution.